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volleypop's Journal

September through June, I am a teacher in Dutchess County, New York, and squeeze in writing when I can.

In July and August, I am a children's writer, and squeeze in housework when I can.

All year long, I am a Mom to three kids and am fortunate to be married to a terrific husband.

My books include:

STAR OF THE SHOW (Picture Book for ages 4-8, Shenanigan Books, September, 2009)

HOW WILL I EVER SLEEP IN THIS BED? (Preschool Picture Book, Sterling Publishing, 2005)

HEY! YOU'RE EATING MY HOMEWORK (Easy Reader, Bebop Books)

PICNIC ON THE SIDEWALK (Easy Reader, Seedling Publications)

I have also been published in Highlights for Children, Highlights High Five, Ladybug, Babybug, Hopscotch for Girls, Children's Playmate, and Story Friends.